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500 Grams

Above and Beyond

Performance:  Color and crackling mines to red, green, aqua and gold breaks.

Number of Shots: 16

Arctic Thunder

Performance:  Mines to gold palms with red glittering, silver glittering, green glittering, blue stars and crackling. Shoots five shots at a time fan shaped.

Number of Shots: 25

Battle Royale

Performance:  Multi effects including brocade, comets and crackling.

Number of Shots: 16


Performance:  Brocades with multi colors and glitter. Three shot finale.

Number of Shots: 12


Performance:  Multi color, mines and crackle (Three levels). Quick fire ending

Number of Shots: 45


Performance:  Silver tails to red, green and purple chrysanthemums with white glittering; Silver tails to brocade to blue with white glittering. Three shot finale.

Number of Shots: 9


Performance:  Red, green, yellow and silver waves. Three shot finale.

Number of Shots: 12

Big Opportunity

Performance:  Red, green, purple, silver and blue stars with spinners, strobe and crackling.

Number of Shots: 30

Blood Shot Moon

Performance:  Red and white glittering peony, gold palm to green, gold crackling wave. Four shot finale.

Number of Shots: 24

Bombing Run

Performance:  Alternates between thick gold spinning tails; Red, white and blue mines; Whistling tail.

Number of Shots: 98


Performance:  500 gram repeater with awesome waterfall effects ending with extra large golden stars. Shoots four shots at a time.

Number of Shots: 20


Performance:  Red, aqua, lemon, purple and blue dahlias with white strobe crackling.

Number of Shots: 30

Buzzard's Roost

Performance:  White glittering and five whistling mines to: Brocade crown to red with white glitter; Red coconut and blue pistil with crackling; Brocade crown to green with white glitter; Purple and green coconut with crackling. Four shot finale of white glitter and whistling mine to brocade crown with crackling.

Number of Shots: 16

Cause for Applause

Performance:  Red, white and gold glittering tails; Silver whistling tails all in stepper effect. Five shot red mag tail to crackling finale.

Number of Shots: 125



1st Row: Gold wave with green glitter; Gold wave with gold glitter.  2nd Row: Purple and green with silver crackling; Sky blue and lemon with silver crackling.

Number of Shots: 63

Cosmic Tsunami

Performance:  Multi color breaks with glitter, crackling and fish. Three shot finale.

Number of Shots: 33

Dancing Rainbow

Performance:  Rapid fire step cake- Multi color, red, green, blue, orange and purple pearls. Ends with six red and green color breaks.

Number of Shots: 188


Performance:  Gold crackling comets to strobing brocades with crackling.

Number of Shots: 25


Performance:  Red, blue and red/orange tails to red dahlia with white glitter, gold glitter willow with blue stars, red/orange dahlia. Four shot brocade finale.

Number of Shots: 16


Performance:  Titanium crackling mines to: Brocade crown with white glitter; Brocade crown with green glitter; Brocade crown with blue stars. Four shot finale of titanium crackling mines to silver crackling willow with blue stars.

Number of Shots: 16


Performance:  500 gram alternating between silver crackling waves to red tips and silver brocade crowns. Quickened final two shot silver brocade crown. Huge breaks!

Number of Shots: 9

Diamond Sky

Performance:  Gold brocades with white strobe stars.

Number of Shots: 16


Performance:  Blue ball to big gold willow; Silver tail to crackling chrysanthemum. Four shot finale of blue ball to big gold willow.

Number of Shots: 16


Performance:  Fan shaped 500 gram repeater

Number of Shots: 30


Performance:  Gold willows with multi color tips. Three shot finale of brocade with color pistils.

Number of Shots: 9

Flipping Awesome

Performance:  Silver brocade, white glittering, silver wave and crackling chrysanthemum.

Number of Shots: 12

Front Line

Performance:  Gold coconut, silver peony, green wave. Three shot finale

Number of Shots: 15

Full Blown Fantasy

Performance:  Mines and tails to multi color chrysanthemum breaks with white strobe.

Number of Shots: 30

Fusion Core

Performance:  Red, crackling and fish mines to color strobe breaks and dragon eggs.

Number of Shots: 30

Go Long

Performance:  Blue, lemon, red, and white strobe aerial bursts.

Number of Shots: 12

Golden Treasure

Performance: Step cake with gold mines to crackling.

Number of Shots: 49

Grudge Match

Performance:  Silver coconuts and crackling palms with red, green and orange pistils.

Number of Shots: 12

Heavy Metal

Performance:  Crackling tail to blue peony with glitter, Silver stars, Red, silver, crackling finale.

Number of Shots: 19

High Treason

Performance:  Red mines to brocades, red/white strobe, spinners, whistle and crackling. Fan Cake.

Number of Shots: 21

Great Nation

Performance:  Fast firing blue mines to red breaks and silver glitter.

Number of Shots: 30


Performance:  Orange tail to orange waves with blue stars. Four shot finale.

Number of Shots: 16

High Stepper

Performance:  Step cake with shots fanning left to right and back again. Multi-color and crackling effects with loud reports.

Number of Shots: 220

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Performance:  Straight and fanned with mines, comets, strobe, palm and crackling effects.

Number of Shots: 22

Holy Moly

Performance:  Whistling and crackling tails to multi color peonies and willows. Two shot finale.

Number of Shots: 9


Performance:  Brocade and blue with white glitter. Four shot finale of brocades and crackling.

Number of Shots: 20

Jingle Jangle

Performance:  Red coconut palm, white strobe, green glitter willow, gold mines with color stars.

Number of Shots: 17

Khaotic Kaboom

Performance:  2 inch shells of multi colors, willows, waves and peonies

Number of Shots: 9


Performance:  Full round breaks of blue, green, purple and silver. Three shot finale.

Number of Shots: 12


Performance:  Crackling, whistles, red and gold strobe and multi colors. Crackling finale.

Number of Shots: 25

King of Chrysanthemums

Performance:  Large multi color chrysanthemums. Three shot gold crackling palm finale.

Number of Shots: 9

Loud Mouth

Performance:  Gold and silver coconut pistils, deep reds and greens.

Number of Shots: 12

Mardi Gras Parade

Performance:  500 gram repeater with silver crackling mines to multi blooming crackling with bright blue, lemon-yellow, purple, red and green dahlias.

Number of Shots: 30


Performance:  Yellow tails to green and white strobe, brocade crown and red/green coconut palms.

Number of Shots: 24

No Mercy

Performance:  Brocade tails, red and blue mines to multi effect breaks. Fan cake.

Number of Shots: 24

Off The Deep End

Performance:  Multi colors, glitter and crackling. Straight fire and fan shaped.

Number of Shots: 31

On The Prowl

Performance:  Aqua, green, red and white breaks with crackle, glitter and strobes.

Number of Shots: 12

Party Box

Performance:  Pearls and whistles to multi color and effect breaks. Lasts 1.5 minutes!

Number of Shots: 52

Piercing Comet

Performance:  Silver glitter peony, silver/red/crackling palm, crackling and brocade. Fan cake.

Number of Shots: 30

Pride & Gratitude

Performance:  Fan shaped 500 gram step cake with green, purple and blue willow tails. Six shot gold willow finale.

Number of Shots: 188

Pushing The Limits

Performance:  Multi color crackling stars, waterfall, red and blue stars with tails, brocade/red star.

Number of Shots: 162

Ready To Strike
Rising Phoenix

Performance:  Hard hitting breaks in red, blue, white strobe, and silver chrysanthemum shells.

Number of Shots: 9

Performance:  Step cake with glittering comet tails to gold and red dahlia and gold and crackling.

Number of Shots: 73

Road Rally Racket

Performance:  Comet tails to brocade, palm and strobe effect.

Number of Shots: 35

Second To None

Performance:  12 big breaks of peach, red, blue, green, lemon, white and silver with pistils.

Number of Shots: 12


Performance:  Crackling chrysanthemum and green glitter, silver palm and gold glitter. Three shot finale.

Number of Shots: 15

Solid Gold

Performance:  Big gold brocade mines up to dripping gold brocade bursts mixed with gold strobing stars!

Number of Shots: 30

Star Destroyer

Performance:  Step cake with multi color and crackling comets to brocade finale.

Number of Shots: 182

Think Big

Performance:  Blue crackling mines to brocades with blue and red tails to peach with white glitter.

Number of Shots: 9

Solar Rain

Performance:  500 gram repeater with quick firing gold glittering willow breaks.

Number of Shots: 30

Sound of Color

Performance:  Whistle tails to multi colors, strobe and brocades.

Number of Shots: 9

T.G.I. Pyro

Performance:  Brocade, multi colors, white stobe and crackling. Fires in I, V, W pattern.

Number of Shots: 12

Totally Awesome

Performance:  Step cake with red white and blue mines to crackling and peonies. Seven shot finale.

Number of Shots: 49


Performance:  Multi color coconut, glittering, willow, brocade and crackling effects.

Number of Shots: 9

Vegas Lights

Performance:  Crackling mines to red, green, blue and lemon stars to multi blooming crackling.

Number of Shots: 25


Performance:  Fan cake with gold and blue mines to brocade, red and blue glitter, crackling.

Number of Shots: 36

Wild Factor

Performance:  Whistle tails to purple and blue peony with glitter. Four shot crackling finale.

Number of Shots: 19

Wrecking Fireball

Performance:  Crossettes with red, green and gold stars to glittering. Two shot brocade finale.

Number of Shots: 10