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Ammo Bomber

Performance:  1 inch canister shell kit containing one shell of each effect 

Contains: 6 Shells

Artillery Shell

Performance:  Multi effect shell.

Contains: 6 Shells

Asian Aces

Performance:  Assorted colors and effects​

Contains: 6 Triple Break Shells

Asian Deuces

Performance:  Assorted colors and effects

Contains: 6 Double Break Shells

Asian Full Boat

Performance:  The ultimate reloadable assortment with assorted colors and effects.

Contains: 2 ball shells, 2 canister shells, 2 double break shells, 2 triple break shells

Asian Quad

Performance:  Assorted colors and effects

Contains: 6 quadruple break shells

Commander In Chief

Performance:  2 shells with individual effects

Contains: 24 premium 60 gram canister shells. Comes with four 12" fiberglass tubes.

Electric Rain

Performance:  Crackling; Red, green, blue and yellow; Red waves and crackling; Purple dahlia; Green popping crackling; 

Contains: 12 premium canister shells. Comes with two 14" fiberglass tubes.

Commander In Chief

Performance:  Reloadable kit containing shells with red, green and silver colors.

Contains: 6 Shells

Full Monty

Performance:  1 3/4"- Multi colors and effects.

Contains: 12 Ball Shells

Mortar Attack

Performance:  Effects include multi colors, crackling, chrysanthemums, fish, peonies and waves. Excellent thump out of the tube, break height and effects!

Contains:  24 single, double and triple break shells.

Ninja Artillery

Performance:  Multi color and effects

Contains: 6 Shells


Performance:  Premium 1.5" canister shells with effects

Contains:  18 premium 1.5" canister shells and 2 fiberglass tubes.

Power Load Artillery Shell

Performance:  Assorted effect ball shells with silver tails.

Contains:  12 Ball Shells

Spirit Of Liberty

Performance:  Effects include willows, peonies, scrambling comets, ring shells and many more. 96 total breaks per box.

Contains:  48 single, canister, double, triple and quadruple break shells.

Whistling Blaster

Performance:  Whistling tails to multi color effects.

Contains:  6 Shells